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Island Candy Lei's by Oceanic

Beautiful candy Lei's! Candy Lei's make great gifts or party favors for holidays or any occasion. 

All Island Candy Lei's are made to order and are handmade for that special individual created with your choice of ribbon color and candy. They make great gifts for all ages, excellent party favors, holiday surprises as well as any occasion.

All orders will look like item in photo unless you request otherwise. You can create your own special Candy Lei by choosing your favorite candy and ribbon colors note when picking your own candy and ribbon color may change the look of the item you are ordering or you can purchase one which has already been specially made for that special individual in your life. 

Each adult Candy Lei takes about 35-45 minutes to make and is approx 45-50 in long and has between 20-50 candies. Children's Candy Lei takes about 30-40 minutes to make and is approx 30-35 in long and has between 18-28 candies. Sizes will vary depending on type of candy and size of candies.

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